Is Outlook just a mail client?

Well no not really! I’ve uncovered some pretty neat features of late in particular with Outlook 2010.

Multiple Exchange Accounts

Not only can you connect to your Exchange email account, but with Outlook 2010 you can connect to MULTIPLE Exchange account

Website Browsing

You can view websites from within Outlook. This is a matter of creating a folder and setting the address and enabling the folder to show home page by default for this folder.

Sharepoint Integration

You can connect to any document libraries you have within Sharepoint and they will be displayed and even cached for offline use by your Outlook client.

RSS Feed Integration

You can connect to any of your favourite RSS feeds by configuring them in your Account Settings -> RSS Feeds option. Just make sure you configure them to download to a separate PST otherwise they’ll be added to your mailbox quota.

So in short, Outlook is not just an mail client, it’s a productivity tool!


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