Microsoft BPOS Limitations

Daily, we get customers who are learning the hard way that Microsoft’s Online Services BPOS (business productivity online service) does have significant limitations when it comes to SharePoint. To save you time, they are listed below. Go ahead and skip to the bottom if you like, you won’t hurt my feelings. I would also like to qualify this post by saying that BPOS is a solid offering for a small startup that also needs Exchange and Live Meeting. For a couple of users, it is a good value, however, for more than a few users with growing storage needs, maybe not; crunch the numbers and decide for yourself.

Features NOT Available in Microsoft BPOS:

1.UI enhancements
2.Customization / Code Deployment
3.3rd party web parts installation
4.Unlimited user account creation with no additional fees
5.Daily site backups
6.Custom domain names supported
7.Dedicated solution for any number of users

And yes, if you’ve just finished reading that list – those are all features that are supported by Sharepoint Hosting from Red Ember Solutions.


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One Response to Microsoft BPOS Limitations

  1. Roshan says:


    Can you give more info or comparission between MS BPOS and inhouse deployment of OCS 2007 R2, Exchange 2K7 and MOSS.

    How will it benifit?

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